The Number 1 Secret to Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is similar to a hurdle you have to get over so you can take your business to the next level. When you uncover the number one secret to real estate marketing, it is a hurdle that becomes much easier to tackle. The number one secret is that you have to identify who your ideal clients are before you can start marketing your business to them.Pick Your NicheIn order to have effective real estate marketing practices, you first have to remove the thought from your head that everyone has a need for your service. In reality, an effective real estate marketing strategy requires you to focus your marketing on a specific target market. A target market is the group of clients that is most likely to buy homes from you.Some of the most popular real estate marketing niches are:· Generation Y· Specific neighborhoods· For Sale by Owners (FSBOs)· Baby Boomers· Luxury homebuyers· Single women· Empty nesters· First time buyers· Second/Vacation homebuyers· Relocation buyers· Ethnic/Minority group buyers· ExpiredsSee it through Their EyesView your service through your clients’ eyes. Identify the class, category and type of person or group that uses the real estate expertise you possess. If you already have existing clients, then it is typically easier to identify their buying habits. You can use the existing base of clients to gather additional information as to why they work with you as a real estate agent. You may find the information useful in prospecting your next client.Study Your CompetitionReal estate is one of the most competitive professions, so you have to get an edge on your competition. You can even learn how to gain a competitive edge from your competitors. Identify how your competition is attracting their clients. Study the information competitors share on their websites. Take note of the design of their marketing materials, brochures, postcards, self-mailers, print ads and home descriptions. The type of clients your competition is attracting helps you to identify the clients you can attract too. During your study, identifying groups the competition doesn’t cater to can even be a market opportunity for you. You can to supply the untapped group with the real estate service they need.Apply What You KnowIdentifying one or more niche areas is just the first step; now it’s time to really get to know your clients. For example, you also need to find out the age, interests, income level, professions, and hobbies of your niche. Identifying these details helps you create a comprehensive client profile. Once you know exactly who your clients are, then you can craft marketing messages that resonant with the ideal clients you have in mind.You can even turn existing clients to generate client data. Keep track of the people who open your marketing emails and e-newsletters. Record the links they click on from your emails and who calls you and ends up becoming a client. Analyzing the marketing statistics you compile assists in creating more effective marketing campaigns. You can apply your findings to improve existing marketing campaigns and to create more effective marketing messages in the future.The perfect niche is the group of clients who have an existing need for your service because they are the most likely to listen to what you have to say. You don’t have to convince them to buy your service because the need already exists.

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